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Safescape are committed to delivering Practical Innovation, and employ a dedicated design and development team to focus on product improvement and development.


Safescape’s vision is to create a safer and better mining workplace globally. We deliver products which are both smart and practical.


Safescape is the designer, and sole manufacturer and supplier of Safescape Laddertube, Multi-Bund and Safescape Edge Protector. At Safescape, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional products and outstanding service to our valued clients domestically and internationally.

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Safescape Laddertube

Our company launched with Safescape Laddertube, a state-of-the-art escapeway system designed specifically for use in underground mines. A fully enclosed, durable polyethylene product, Safescape Laddertube is an innovative alternative to traditional escapeway methods.

Legislation exists in all developed mining countries covering the requirement for producing mines to ensure miners working underground have access to an alternative exit from working areas.

One of the challenges of underground mining is cost effective, time saving secondary means of egress, where if there was ever an emergency and miners were trapped by rock fall which prohibited the use of the main entrance then they could exit using the escapeway.

Ladderways have traditionally been the preferred choice where length is limited as they are simple designs and do not require support from personnel on the surface. Safescape Laddertube is an innovative design that is made to endure the stress of underground mining.

We currently have installed over 17 kilometres of Safescape Laddertube in 67 mine sites in 11 countries.

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Safescape Multi-Bund

Safescape Multi-Bund has been designed as a modular light weight bunding product.

It can be used empty for delineation of pedestrian access areas around heavy equipment or can be filled with water, concrete or other fill materials for heavier duty applications where protection from vehicle interactions is required.

The Multi-Bund has six bolt down points for anchors up to 45mm diameter where edge protection for trucks and loaders is required.

In this application the Multi-Bund essentially acts as concrete formwork creating an appropriate shape whereby the quality of the cemented fill determines the strength of the finished bund.

Multi-Bund is available in a variety of different colours, can be made in FRAS rated material or glow in the dark if there is a benefit for your application.

“I have worked with Safescape on multiple occasions at different operations now and am yet to have an issue with them. Their employees are well trained in what they do, the system is quick and easy to install and they always operate in a safe manner. I would have no issues in recommending to others who wish to use their products”

David Johnson


Safescape EP (Edge Protector)

Safescape EP allows open pit haul road width to be reduced while increasing safety performance. Edge Protection (EP) provides a number of benefits:

· A reduction in mining costs

· Increase in revenue from processing of additional ore that is accessible

· Significant improvement in the NPV of the mining operation

· Vertical face – reducing likelihood of trucks going over an edge

· Designed for easy transportation, handling and re-use on site

· Effective, safer alternative to dirt bunding

· Decreased risk of truck collision/rollover

· Safer working environment